Polymath Solution
Design Services by Liz Cademy

Polymath Solution is a multi-function freelance design business.

Polymath Solution is Liz Cademy.

What can Polymath Solution do for you?

  • Graphic design, print and online
  • Design and build websites and blogs
  • Edit, format and publish books, ebooks and articles
  • Create logos, icons and business branding artwork
  • Put your art/branding on custom merchandise.


A polymath is a person of wide-ranging knowledge or learning. I have skills in many different design areas, and can help you in any or all of them.


I am a Maker

I taught myself to build websites, just for fun

One of my favorite films is Helvetica

I’m Geek Speak to English simultaneous translator

My B.A. is in Anthropology, and I was a college peer counselor*

I like teaching people to make and use things almost as much as I enjoy making them.


* If you don’t think this is important, you might want to think about the qualities that make a great User Experience Designer.