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Liz Cademy is Polymath Solution

Polymath Solution:

Design Services from Liz Cademy

Polymath Solution is a multi-function design services business, created and run by Liz Cademy.

I offer graphic design, both print and online. I design and build websites and blogs. I write, format and publish books, ebooks and articles on many subjects, and can put my skills to work for you. I can put your art/branding on custom merchandise.

Why do I call my business Polymath Solution? A polymath is a person of wide-ranging knowledge or learning. I have skills in different design areas, and can help you in any or all of them.

What can Polymath Solution do for you?



If you’d like a logo or other art on products from t-shirts to mugs to dry erase boards,  for private use or public sale, I can help. See Details
Web Design
Mostly WordPress, with hand coding as necessary. I design, build, and maintain. See Details
Book Publishing Help
Print & ebook design, production, and uploading for sale See Details
Graphic Design
Print, digital, logos to forms to advertising. See Details

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