Liz Cademy is Polymath Solution

Polymath Solution: Design Services from Liz Cademy

Polymath Solution is a multi-function design services business, created and run by Liz Cademy.

I offer graphic design, both print and online. I design and build websites and blogs. I write, format and publish books, ebooks and articles on many subjects, and can put my skills to work for you. I can put your art/branding on custom merchandise.

Why do I call my business Polymath Solution? A polymath is a person of wide-ranging knowledge or learning. I have skills in many different design areas, and can help you in any or all of them.

What can Polymath Solution do for you?

Liz Cademy, Polymath Solution Owner

I’m Liz. I’ve been interested in Graphic Arts and Design all my life, and have been doing volunteer projects for many years. When the World Wide Web began, I taught myself how to build websites, just for fun. 9 years ago I began selling my artwork on print on demand merchandise, and created websites to promote my work. 5 years ago I started my freelance web and graphic design business. Since then, I’ve been helping clients turn their ideas into (virtual) reality, creating websites, ebooks and book covers, business stationery and advertising.

Book Publishing Help
Print & ebook design, production, and uploading for sale See Details
Web Design
Mostly WordPress, with hand coding as necessary. I design, build, and maintain. See Details
Graphic Design
Print, digital, logos to forms to advertising. See Details
If you’d like a logo or other art on products from t-shirts to mugs to dry erase boards,  for private use or public sale, I can help. See Details

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