Ebook & Print Book Design Services

I have published  6 books (5 ebooks and one print book), with more to be published soon. I help others with book design, including formatting and  book covers. I can help you too.
As with all my work, I create reality out of your ideas. For covers, I’ll work with your ideas for fonts, colors and images, or I can suggest these based on your book’s contents. If your book has a tricky interior format, I’ll make that work too.

Ebook & Book Cover Design

I create everything from simple text-only ebook covers to complex photo collages, including the back cover and spine, for print books. I’m limited only by your imagination — and budget, of course. [I am not an artist. If you need original art for your cover, you’ll have to go elsewhere … but I can combine that art with text and turn it into an awesome cover.] At the low end, I can create an all-text cover. These are carefully designed, choosing fonts and colors that suit your book, and will definitely stand out from the default ebook covers!
I also have a few unused “mock-up” covers. If you like one, I can change the text to match your book and change the image, provided you give me a new image in the right format. [Don’t panic, I’ll tell you exactly what I need, and in non-tech language.] I also do more complex work — contact me about your project.

How This Works

in 6 Easy Steps

  1.  Use the Contact tab to send me an email about your project.
  2. I’ll send you an email back, with a Cover Design Form (and the cost, if you want a simple cover). You complete it, attach any files or images, and send it back to me.
  3. If you want a complex cover, we’ll work out the details and cost together. Complex covers require a 50% deposit. If it’s a simple cover, I get busy.
  4. I send you a low-resolution (unusable but with all the important details) image of the cover. You check it over carefully, and let me know if it needs changes.
  5. If I make changes, I’ll send you a new image. For simple covers, one round of changes should be enough. For complex covers, it may take several rounds.
  6. When the cover looks great, you send me the (rest of the) payment and I’ll send you the final, high resolution cover files. You get my work file as well as files you can submit to your printer/distributor.

Ebook & Book Design, Formatting & Publishing Help

Getting a self-published book to your sales channels can be a frustrating process. It requires the tech skills of a programmer, the ability to follow complex (and occasionally poorly written) directions of an army recruit and the patience of Job.
I can help you with any part of the book design process, or the whole thing. I can walk you through the process, or do it for you. I can also advise you on which distribution channels to use, how to produce your book, or just about anything related to self publishing.
Because every project is unique, I can’t provide a nifty little table of prices. You can use the contact tab below to start a conversation with me about how I can help you with your book. Use the contact tab below.