E*3 Icons

E*3 Icon Set


E*3 Icon for Autism Family Homes Shop

Bridget, my client for the Autism Family Homes Shop asked me to design a special icon for products that would help channel the uncontrolled energy of her Autism Spectrum customers. Bridget loves the hot colors yellow, orange and lime green, so I combined these colors with her E*3 slogan to make this icon. [The 3 Es are Energy, Emotion and Exercise.]

My concept was for the asterisk in the middle to be the center of an energy burst, contained and directed by the E and 3 on either side. There’s a lot of meaning in this icon, with only 3 typographic symbols plus one shape.

E*3 IconI design icons and logos in a large size, but always look at them scaled to the size that will actually be used. When necessary, I’ll tweak the small sizes to make the image clear. The image to the right shows the icon set at typical sizes in use.

Sometimes, it just doesn’t work out …

Bridget didn’t like this icon. She never fully explained why; sometimes clients can’t explain to a designer exactly why something doesn’t work for them. She ended up not using the E*3 concept at all, and moved on to other ideas.

I may end up using this idea (in a different form) somewhere else, or I may just keep it around for inspiration.


Date Created: November 2012

Tool Used: Adobe Illustrator