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Hawthorne Village Website

The Story:

Hawthorne Village is a vacation condominium community in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. A board member approached me about building a community website for the residents, complete with private member information such as owner profiles, condo maps, a message board, etc.

As with many of my clients, the board member knows a bit about website building, but was not interested in doing the work himself. He provided me with some concept images; I turned those into real web pages.

One unrecognized job of a good web designer is to be a researcher, finding just the right tools to get a job done with a minimum of coding. In this case, my research found the plugin Ultimate Member, which handles the community aspects of the site. Finding this plugin let me build the site within budget.

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The Facts:

URL: Hawthorne Village  Most of this site is closed to non-residents.

Date Built: Fall/Winter 2014-15

CMS: WordPress, PageLines Framework


  • FooGallery  for image slideshows
  • Ultimate Member, for the individual owner pages, login system, member directories, etc.
  • iThemes Security, for obvious reasons


  • Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop  for image manipulations
  • TextEdit  to write additional CSS