Therbligs, Art for Poster & Merchandise

My interpretation of the 17 therbligs.

Created: January, 2007


What is a therblig?

It is the smallest unit of productive motion, as analyzed by early 20th century motion engineer, Frank Gilbreth. For more information, feel free to read my HubPages article.

Therbligs on binder
Therbligs on a Zazzle binder

Gilbreth developed the symbols for each therblig, and assigned each a color. No colored pictures of therbligs existed until I created this image in January 2007. The image is available on posters and other items at Zazzle.

Therbligs Tools Used:

This is one of the first graphic arts designs I created for sale.

GIMP, to create and color the symbols

Omni Graffle, layout and typography

If I were to remake this project today, I would use either a combination of Adobe’s Illustrator and InDesign, Bohemian Coding’s Sketch, &/or Omni Graffle (I love Graffle for simple art projects, as well as wireframes and prototypes).