Yarn Needs Ebook Cover

Yarn Needs Ebook

The Yarn Needs ebook is the third book in the Knit Suite series, and that last of my old iOS apps to be converted to ebook form. It gives a knitter an estimate of how much yarn to buy for different projects in different sizes, with different weights of yarn.

Because the bulk of the material is in tables, I could not use a simple ebook conversion program to make this book. It became my first venture into hand coding ebooks, using html and css to set the tables.

The cover was designed using my standard process of preparing the images using Photoshop, and composing the entire image in InDesign.

This book was released Spring 2014 on Amazon and as a pdf you can buy directly from me. [I created the pdf as many e-readers can’t display the tables properly.] For more information about the book, see my sales product page.

Tools Used:

  • Nisus Writer Pro, to write the text and prototype the tables
  • TextWrangler, to write the html and css
  • Adobe Photoshop and InDesign for cover production
  • Sigil, to package the files into an ebook