About Liz Cademy

When I was a kid, I would spend long lazy afternoons looking over a Chartpak catalog. [Chartpak sold press-on letters and graphic elements for layout on art boards, pre-computer.] I would clip interesting advertising art from my father’s engineering magazines. I studied the type in books, tracing rivers down the page. [A river is when the space between words lines up, forming a path down the page.]

Since then, my life led in interesting directions, but design has never been far from my heart. I studied Anthropology in college, ended up in corporate finance (with an MBA) and became the mom to two intense, high energy kids. All that time, I was designing things in my work and as a hobby:

  • graphic interpretations of complex financial data (thank you, Edward Tufte);
  • knitting patterns, both the knitted design and the layout of the printed pattern;
  • birthday party invitations, preschooler sticker charts and household charts;
  • flyers and handouts for assorted kid and adult activities;
  • registration materials for conferences;
  • etc.
Mad Engineers Logo, by Liz Cademy
Mad Engineers Logo, designed by Liz Cademy

I taught myself HTML and CSS and played with building web pages. As a gift for someone close to me, I designed a “Mad Engineer” logo. I found a print on demand company to print it. When a total stranger bought the shirt, I started designing more, and Cartesian Bear Industries was born. Setting up my online shops improved my web design and coding skills.

I created design projects for various volunteer organizations, including Odyssey of the Mind, Banbury Cross Morris Dance and the 2012 Hastings School 5th grade yearbook.

When my kids no longer needed a full-time mommy, I turned to my love of design and web coding as a career. I set up Polymath Solution as my design business to do freelance work in web, digital and print design. I love working with my clients, helping them solve their problems, and teaching them good design, the importance of creating a solid user interface, and how to use their web sites.

I live in a house in the woods in New England with one mostly grown child (the other is on her own now), a baby dinosaur (leopard gecko) and a cat who hasn’t chosen itself yet. We are considering moving to the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, and I’d love to connect with possible employers and clients there.

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